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God Bless, Richard

                                      I've just been into the city and seen that Peterborough's shops are clearly ready
                                      and waiting for an influx of happy Christmas shoppers. This is also that time of
                                      year when it seems to have gone dark all of a sudden, and the times of day that
                                      used not long ago to be light have now been plunged into darkness.
                                      OK, so Christmas is coming, the goose is getting nervous, and our churches    
                                      across our Group have some imaginative plans to welcome everyone who
                                      wants to celebrate with us. There's a Christmas Tree Festival at Stilton and
                                      Messy Church at the School. There's an outdoor Nativity at Haddon, a
                                      Folksworth crib service as jam packed as a Bethlehem inn, Christingle Services
                                      in many places and Carols in the pub at Elton and the courtyard of the Bell in
                                      Stilton. For those who prefer peace and quiet, then where else to go but for carols
                                      at All Saints, Morborne. Surely, somethlng for everyone.
Whatever event you choose to come along to, you will notice something indefinably
special about it, Is it the mystery of the story, or sense of joy? Is it the childlike
wonder of it all, or the buzz of an expectant crowd? Christmas is a uniquely special
time of year and is blessed with feelings that we couldn't recreate at any other time.
But why?
                                          For me, as someone with a faith in Jesus, I believe that it's his presence that
                                          makes the difference. We can't physically see him, but he is still present,
                                          transforming our celebrations by giving them a deep and satisfying meaning;
                                          God's 'Goodwill to All', and a reminder that
                                          there should 'Peace on Earth', a message
                                          never more evident than in the reality of the
                                          coming of His Son.

O, Come let us adore Him

Yaxley Foodbank


                                  Looking forward to Christmas the Foodbank needs
                                  donations of festive food, such as Christmas puddings,
                                  chocolates and biscuits.  All the volunteers thank you 
                                  for all the help you have given and wish you all a Happy    

Contact Pearl 01733  241114 for more information

Group Services For

December 2016

Everyone is Welcome


Sunday 4th               11.15am                       Holy Communion
Wednesday  7th       12.30pm                       Holy Communion followed by Soup Lunch
Sunday         11th      8.00am                        Holy Communion [BCP] led by Rev'd Michael Soulsby
                                 11.15am                       Christingle led by the LinCup Team
Friday            16th      7.00pm                       Carols in the Courtyard at The Bell
Sunday          18th      8.00am                       Holy Communion [BCP]
                                  11.15am                       Carol Service
Wednesday  21st        7.30pm                       Ladies Holy Communion
Christmas Eve            11.30pm                      Midnight Holy Communion
Sunday           4th          9.45am                     Family Folkus
Sunday          11th          9.45am                     All Age Worship
Sunday          18th          9.45am                     Morning Praise
Christmas Eve               3.00pm                      Christmas Eve Crib Service
Christmas Day               9.45am                      Holy Communion
Sunday          4th            9.30am                    Holy Communion (CW) Rev'd Richard Gibbs
Wednesday   7th            6.00pm                    School Christingle Rev'd Richard Gibbs
Sunday        11th            6.00pm                     Carol service in the church followed by carols in the
                                                                        Black Horse Richard Gibbs
Wednesday  14th           10.00am                   Holy Communion (BCP) Rev'd Richard Gibbs
Friday           16th             2.00pm                   School carol service Rev'd Richard Gibbs
Sunday         18th             9.30am                   Holy Communion (CW) Rev'd Richard Gibbs
Christmas Eve                  9.00pm                   Midnight in Bethlehem Rev'd Richard Gibbs
Sunday            4th            6.00pm                    Evening service Rev'd Richard Gibbs
Sunday           11th          11.00am                   Family Service Andrew Walker
Sunday           18th           5.00pm                   Outdoor Nativity
Sunday           25th          11.15am                   Holy Communion
Around the Farmers Table 6.45pm every Monday night with Rev. Daniel Cozens.
Prayer time every Thursday evening at 7pm in Haddon church. Please come along for laughter, fellowship and (of course) prayer, whatever the weather!
Sunday             18th           3.00pm                    Carol Service
Regular Weekly Activities
Wednesday 7:45pm - Beta Blble Study Group Contact Jean Thompson (01733 245411).
Thursday 8:00am - Stilton Church Meeting Room Stilton - Prayer Meeting.
Thursday 7:00pm - Haddon Church - Prayer Meeting..
2nd Saturday of the month 8.00am - Men's Prayer Breakfast -  Join together in prayer over a cooked breakfast.
Activities During Term Time - Stilton Church Meeting Room. Tuesday 9:15 am - Children's Fun Dance.
Friday 9.00am - Linking Hands - Informal chat of how Christian teaching relates to everyday life, over a 'cuppa'


Your contributions wanted!
If you have a church notice or activity that we don't know about and you would like it published in the Church Link, then contact us before and no later than the 10th of the Month i.e. 10th April for the May edition.
Please email articles to Denise Crisp,



                                                                                                 Priest in charge

                                                                                                 Rev'd Richard Gibbs 01733 248701 -

​                                                                                                 Stilton Church Wardens

                                                                                                 Doug Maltman (01733 242229) -

                                                                                                 Stuart Reed (01733 241114) -


                                                                                                 Elton Church Wardens

                                                                                                  Chris Milton (01832 280415) -

                                                                                                  David Tansley (01832 280546)


                                                                                                 Folksworth Church Wardens

                                                                                                  John Blackman (01733 240349)

                                                                                                  David Ellis (07880784859) -


                                                                                                  Haddon Church Warden

                                                                                                  George Martin (01733 242411) -

                                                                                          Morborne Church Warden

                                                                                          Pam Dow (01733 242227) -

Stilton Church Meeting Room Bookings

Marjorie Spoor (01733 243553)

                                                                                                   Church Link 

Denise Crisp - (Please email articles before and no laterthan the IOth of the Month i.e.

10th July for the August Edition)

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