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The Ministry Team From All Five Churches

Stilton Group of Churches

God uses lots of ways, means and things to talk to us.

But actually hearing from God isn't so much a matter of IF he's talking, but rather, whether we are listening.

The power of prayer

 John Macquarrie, a 20th Century Theologian wrote

'It is because God has first of all made us in his own image that we find it implanted in us the desire to worship Him and to grow in likeness to Him.


It is God's Spirit working in us that first brings us to worship the mystery of Holy Being and to seek God's peace.'


Isn't it wonderful that within our Churches and the wider church God offers a wide range of ways to come together to worship Him: whether it is in the stillness of quiet reflective service to a loud praise service.


What makes worship happen is our openness to recognise the presence of God and allowing ourselves to praise Him and to be drawn closer to His presence.


As a Group of Churches we welcome you to join with us in the variety of services offered in the new service plan which starts this month, June.

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