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St Mary Magdalene Church Development & Repairs

As we said - The Needs of the Church
The recent quinquennial  report highlighted a number of areas which are in urgent need of attention, including the Roof, both internal and external, the Louvered windows in the Tower and the Tower Roof.
This proposal covers how the PCC plans to deal with these issues. So please read on.....
Peter Mitchell
St Mary Magdalene Church Treasurer
This year we need to repair/patch the Collyweston
Stone on the South Nave Roof.
£3,000+VAT and £1.000 for a full Inspection
At the same time we will inspect the timbers
to see if they are faulty. If they are  unsafe we
will need to replace them at a cost of approximately
£80,000 if we replace the tiles with Collyweston stone.
                                                          Internal Roof treatment. £2,817+VAT
                                                                                          Replace Louvered Windows and
         Repair Tower Roof  £17,320 + VAT

Stilton Church Repair Programme

The funds raised through the Just Giving Page are only for Church Building Development 

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