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St Mary Magdalene in the 21st Century

Bringing St Mary Magdalene Church into the 21st Century

At the presentation by the Arch Deacon on the 19th February we were given a message, the gist of which was that unless we do something about making our Churches more attractive to Families and the younger generation we are in danger of extinction. I as treasurer and the PCC, took the message to heart and came to the conclusion that we should make a determined effort to brighten up our Church building, by making improvements to the heating and make the building more comfortable and inviting to all those people wishing to use the building for worship.
To do this we need to make it at least 10 degrees warmer than the building is at the present, and to provide a seating accommodation suitable for the younger element but at the same time avoid losing the current generation who are our moral and financial supporters.
To become brighter, Heating, Seating and Lighting come to mind and the following outlines aim to explain how we propose to do it. We will also need to make sure that we are focusing  some of our services on the Young Families, whilst at the same time providing what the current members of our church need.


So what do we want to do, and why?
On the following pages we will present to you the proposed recomendations for change within St Mary Magdalene's Church;
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