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Small Groups

We have many small groups, which meet regularly across the parishes.  Below gives you a brief description about the group and let's you know when and where they meet.  

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Lent Reflections 2022

The lent reflections series is something we try to do each year. This year it starts back up again. Why not come along and join us as we provide some exrta thought as we work through this important season.

We will host four sessions leading up to Maundy Thursday.  The theme is 'Faith on the Frontline' and is the completion of the series planned for Spring 2020 which was cancelled after the first session.  All sessions are on Thursdays at 7.30pm

  • 17th March 7.30pm Stilton Mary, Mother of Jesus

  • 24th March 7.30pm Folksworth Job

  • 31st March 7.30pm Haddon Mary Magdalene

  • 7th April 7.30pm Elton Joshua

Image by Lina Trochez

Linking Hands

We share Gods word and discuss how it is relevant in our lives today. It is also a place for fellowship, faith and support, sharing in prayer over a tea and coffee. The group is informal and everyone is welcome.

Term time only, Tuesday 7.45pm Online Only.

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