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Small Groups

We have many small groups, which meet regularly across the parishes.  Below gives you a brief description about the group and let's you know when and where they meet.  

Lent Reflections 2020

March 10, 2020

The Lent Reflections series is something we do each year to provide some extra thoughts as we work through this important season.  This year, we have chosen to look more closely at the lives of people described in the Bible who had to deal with extremely demanding situations.  Hosea was repeatedly let down by someone, Job lost everything, Mary saw her son suffer and Mary Magdalene gained an undeserved reputation.  What do their stories have to say to us today?  Why not come along and find out? Starting on Tuesday 10th March at 7.30pm and every Tuesday thereafter:

Tuesday 10th March at Stilton, 7.30pm Hosea

Tuesday 17th March at Folksworth, 7.30pm Mary

Tuesday 24th March at Haddon, 7.30pm Job

Tuesday 31st March at Elton, 7.30pm Mary Magdalene

Thursday 9th April Maundy Thursday at Haddon, 7.30pm Holy Communion


September 17, 2019

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, with the opportunity to come together to explore themes of Christianity and to engage in discussions with others. The course is made up of 11 sessions with titles that include 'Who is Jesus?' and 'How can I be sure of my faith?'.  Normally, a session includes a 25 minute video, followed by time to meet with your small group to talk through your questions and comments.  


Bible Study Group
This is an informal discussion group, led by Alan Eaves. 
Fortnightly meetings, Wednesday afternoon 
2.15pm for 2.30pm meeting. 


Bible Study Group

We share God's word and discuss how it is relevant in our lives today. It is also a place for fellowship, faith and support, sharing in prayer over a tea or coffee and occasionally cake. The group is informal and everyone is welcome to come along and join in. As people's lives and availability has changed over the years, we felt we should move the time we met from a Friday morning to a Tuesday evening at 7.45pm.


Term Time Only, Tuesday 7.45pm.  Church Meeting Room, Stilton.


Bible Study Group
Everyone Welcome.  The group is here to encourage, develop and advance your faith wherever you are in your journey.  Bible discussions and learning in an informal, friendly environment.  Re starts in April 2017.
Fortnightly Tuesday 7.30 pm. Church Meeting Room, Stilton



Youth Group

Crossover is a group for Year 6 pupils who attend Stilton School.  It is aimed to gently introduce the young people to Christian ideas and values.  Meetings usually start with a few minutes talking about events or projects the Church; The Night Shelter and why it is needed, Lent and what it means, and the local Food Bank.  Games take up a large part of the session.  Other activities include:  making an advent wreath for the church, drama's for school collective worship, pizza making, walk and barbecue in the summer.  Leaders - Pat Maltman and John Bishop.

Every Thursday. Term time only.  6-7pm.  Church Meeting Room, Stilton.

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