In the Stilton Group, we are committed to creating what Bishop Rowan                      Williams describes as a 'mixed economy' in our churches.  That means having congregations which are as diverse as the communities we serve.  For some people, traditional forms of worship are just what they need to help their life of worship and prayer.  Others prefer something more informal and, perhaps, in a different space to a church.


In Elton, for us it made sense to look to a pub culture to imagine church in a different style and setting, and so Pub Church was born.  This isn't church culture but in a pub, it's church adapting to a culture which is familiar to any pub goer.  That means live music, conversation, maybe some storytelling and, of course, something to drink.


Pub Church meets on the second Sunday of the at the Black Horse Pub in Elton starting at 8pm and finishing some time between 9-9.30pm.

Pub Church at the Black Horse, Elton, launched in January 2017.  Whenever we mention Pub Church, it always provokes an interested response.  So what is it?

Pub Church

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