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MY HOPE UK with Billy Graham is a nationwide effort to reach people across the United Kingdom with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My Hope is a national initiative to encourage and equip the local church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Christians can share the Gospel message with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours using one of several evangelistic films.


They feature life-changing testimonies and powerful messages of hope from Billy Graham and Franklin Graham.


An outreach event took place at St Mary Magdalene Church Stilton on the 30th November. The event

was very successful and attended

by over 50 people from our 5

parishes, and also guests from 


Daniel Cozens was a guest

speaker for the event

                                                                                                          MY HOPE at St Mary Magdalene Church Stilton

For every church, organisation and household, don’t miss your free DVD of The Worth of a Soul.

For More information contact:

Lisa Martin

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