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Messy Church

Messy Church was launched in Stilton in the Autumn of 2016, we have had a Messy Light Party, Messy Stable, Messy Easter and Messy Advent.  It's a great way for the family to take part in a really creative kind of church where we explore a theme though art and craft...that's often quite messy!  They'll be more in 2019.

The link below will give you a bit of a flavour of what it's about and how it works (though we do refreshments during the activities rather than the full meal). 

Messy Church is an alternative form of church which aims to be more accessible to many people than the traditional form of church.  Sometimes the timing of church services make it difficult for people with lots of other weekend commitments to attend; often it is a fear of keeping a toddler (or teenager) occupied during a long sermon that keeps families away.  

Messy Church is fun! - it mixes creative crafts, activities, music and celebration around a biblical theme.  By exploring a theme through different mediums it helps people of all ages to take away some meaning from the session.  Everyone will have something to contribute and take away.  Spending time at Messy Church as a family and with friends should help us grow and appreciate the fellowship of others and to know the love that God has for us all.

Our 'Messy Church'


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