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Stilton with Denton & Caldecote





The group of parishes are located west of Junctions 16 and 17 of the A1, where the A15 from Peterborough and Yaxley and the A605 from Peterborough joins the A1.  Elton is the most northerly of the parishes, then Haddon, Morborne and Folksworth through to Stilton (with Denton & Caldecote) in the south. 
We form part of the Deanery of Yaxley within the Diocese of Ely.
The parishes are all rural villages with Church primary schools in Stilton, Folksworth and Elton.
Each of our villages are very welcoming communities with a high proportion of people choosing to stay within the villages when moving house.  
Stilton has the largest population with about 2,500 to 2,700 people, followed by Folksworth with 900 people, Elton with just over 700 people with Morborne and Haddon together totalling fewer than 100 people.  
Stilton, Folksworth, Morborne and Haddon have been together for nearly 30 years, but until recently Elton was part of the united benefice of the three churches of Elton, Stibbington, and Waternewton.  Following a reorganisation, Stibbington and Water Newton transferred to the Peterborough Diocese and Elton has reverted to being a single church parish and joined the Stilton, Folksworth, Morborne and Haddon Group. 
Within the Stilton Group, whilst each has had its own individual pattern and content of services and finances, they share a number of joint services and events/activities throughout the year. 
Details of all services and events are provided here on this website and also in the monthly newsletter – The Link – and parishioners from one parish going to a service in another parish within the group are a regular occurrence.

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