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For the Younger Members

Message from Debbie Hill the 

Children’s Adviser for the Diocese of Ely



Christmas is fast fading in our minds as we put the decorations back in the loft and sweep the last of the pine needles away.  One way in which we can continue to celebrate that joy of Christmas is to celebrate Candlemas, with some ideas about this festival given below.

I wonder if you, like me, take stock over the Christmas season and think about what you might like to change for the year ahead? I wonder if you have new ideas for the ways in which you might like to work with children?


I wonder if now is the time to consider how effectively you include those children who have additional needs?


As you look forward, are you able to make the time to reflect on your own learning and development?

Why not take advantage of the opportunities Ely Diocese can offer to deepen your own understanding and sharpen your skills. We are delighted to welcome some national speakers this Spring-don't miss out!

Best Wishes


Debbie Hill

Children’s Adviser

Diocese of Ely

01353 652714



Ely Diocesan Board of Finance
Company limited by guarantee Number 142183. Charity Number 245456.  Registered in England & Wales
Registered Office: Diocesan Office, Bishop Woodford House, Barton Road, Ely  CB7 4DX   Tel: 01353 652701


We pray to be generous and visible people of Jesus Christ.



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