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Elton's PCC AGM - 14th April


At the Elton ACM the existing officers were re-elected to serve for 2015. David Atherton was elected to the PCC along with the four other exlsting PCC members who agreed to serve for another year.


On a financial basis over 2014 All Saints had an operating deficit of £1,221 on an income of £12,664. Nearly £5,000 was spent on maintaining the buildings with a further sirnilar amount spent on energy and insurances. (A full copy of the accounts is availabie in the Church for review).


All Saints Stained Glass.

We are fortunate to have some fine examples of stained glass windows in the Church which have often been admired by visitors to both the Church and the Village. Now however due to the ravages of time we need to carry out urgent renovations and repairs so we can leave these beautiful assets for future generations to admire.

Who are the members of the Elton Parochial Church Council?


With Effect from 15th May 2014 the Elton PCC Committee consisted of:
Church Warden: Chris Milton
Church Warden: David Tansley
Secretary: Jane Milton
Treasurer: Chris Milton
Deanery Synod Representative:
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