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All Saints Church, Elton will be open for private prayer on Wednesdays 10am-4pm and Sundays 10am-4pm.

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7am - 7pm or dusk if earlier 

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Chris Milton (01832 280415) milton_chris_j@btinternet.com

Mark Holman (01832 280 720) Mark@matherholman.co.uk

The Patron

Sir William Proby has been Patron of All Saints since 1980.
Elton Hall has been the ancestral home of the Proby family since 1660.


Elton APCM

Thursday 1st October 2020 7pm

All Saints Church

As you may be aware following the 2nd theft of lead from the church roof last year the PCC decided that they would apply to have the remaining part of the roof covered with Terne Coated Steel in place of lead.

The final part of the approval process is for the church authorities to issue a faculty for the work to be undertaken. As part of that process members of the church and the local residents have an opportunity to review and comment on these proposals, under normal conditions this would be in the form of notices displayed on the church notice board and also within the building. However with covid19 this will not suffice and as a result I am sending out all the information in this email, we will also post it on the church website.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself of Mark Holman.



Good News


The Spectacular Stain Glass windows at All Saints received acknowledgement and recognition in this years the Engage Awards.  The Bishop of Huntingdon made a visit to All Saints on Saturday 9th September to present the award.  


Photograph accredited to Sean Martin.  Further photographs of All Saints stain glass windows are available at www.stainedglassphotos.org.uk/elton.htm

“This is a truly inspirational project. The long-term repair of the windows has been secured thanks to the generosity of the community. But the windows’ repair has done much more: it has acted as a catalyst which has raised awareness, increased the congregation and donors, and acted as a spring-board for tackling another project. Wonderful.”


A church at Elton is mentioned in the Domesday survey of 1086 and traces of a Saxon building have been found during restoration work, but only two remains are now visible; the wheel crosses by the tower in the Churchyard and a small head carving in the North Aisle Vestry. In 1450-60 the Church was practically rebuilt, although the tower was not completed until some 40 years later. The oldest parish register dates from 1598. Restoration work was undertaken in the 17th century by Sir Robert Cotton who found the Chancel ‘in a ruinous condition’.



The Tower was built in Ashlar from the nearby quarry at Ketton in about 1500. The structure is uncommon in that the buttresses are formed as the building contracts, the base being considerably wider than the battlements.  


The South Porch also dates from around 1500. To the west of the doorway there is a scratch dial, used by the priest for the daily services.


The Nave and Chancel exterior has several gargoyles as water-spouts and the crenellated parapet over the Clerestory is the only remaining ornament to the roof line.




The Sanctuary is dominated by the great Te Deum east window of 1893 dedicated to the 4th Earl of Carysfort.


The Alter table is constructed from wood, the carved legs of which were once part of a 15th century church roof.  The pulpit is of oak, erected by Father Faber (Rector of Elton 1843-1845), the hymn-writer.


The Clerestory windows above the nave arches are 15th century Perpendicular. They were discovered during the 1886 restoration and opened and restored.


The Tower steps are accessed through the door to the south of the west door. There are five bells varying in weight from one ton

down to just 10cwt.

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