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What we want you to vote on:


At the bottom of this page is a button which will take you to the survey, where you can 'Have Your Say'. There are comment boxes so you can vote and add comments.


You will be asked to choose between the following different options;




Option A)  IR Chandeliers in the Arches?                             Cost  £15,000 - £20,000   Yes/No

Option B)  Water Radiators in the aisle.?                              Cost   £20,000 -£25,000   Yes/No




Plan 1) Chairs and a children’s area to the back of the Church on the South side                                                                                                                                   Cost £950    Yes/No

Plan 2) As above + chairs in the front row                           Cost £2,510  Yes/No

Plan 3) As above + chairs in the front 3 rows                      Cost £3,500  Yes/No




  • Type 1

  • Type 2

  • Type 3



We aim to fund this project, 50% from external sources, such as the heritage lottery fund and 50% from Village contributions.


We are looking for 100 + people who will pledge a £1 per week for 2 years


If you have said YES to any of the above, would you be prepared to pledge £1 per week for 2 years to help fund the changes?                                                                           Yes/No

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