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Our present heating is a long way behind the current technology in that it employs medium wave infra red in large (4.5Kw heaters) and is quite localised. The congregation suffer from hot heads, very cold drafts and in winter it is not possible to attend a service without outdoor clothing
Our objective is to bring the temperature in the Nave and Chancel up to a level whereby one can attend a service in what can be described as lounge clothing and where young children and their parents can be comfortable.
The proposal is for the heating in the Nave and Aisles to be supplied by a larger number of short wave infrared heaters, arranged so as to cover a greater area than the existing system and therefore supply a more even heating at a slightly reduced  running cost
There are two options. The first of these options is:-
A)  With the main heaters mounted in chandeliers in the 6 Arches and the Aisles heaters will be  in the same locations but better directed and of a lower wattage.
To heat the Church continuously to a moderate temperature but raise it for Services, using water heated reverse flow radiators, with some infra red heaters as back up for services.


This has the advantage that it reduces the moisture generated in the Church and is generally preferred by the Diocese but it is more expensive.

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