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Revelation 7:17 

For the Lamb at the centre of the throne will be their shepherd; ‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’ 

Week Commencing





11th September 2016

The Week Ahead

Sunday                           11th September


Stilton                                         8.00am                     Holy Communion - (BCP) Rev. Gordon Limbrick

Folksworth                                  9.45am                     Family Folkus – in the School Hall

Haddon                                     11.00am                     Family Service

Stilton                                        11.15am                     LinCup – Family Service

Morborne                                    3.00pm                     Holy Communion/Evening Prayer

Elton                                           6.00pm                     Themed Service – Rev. Richard Gibbs


Tuesday                          13th September           


Stilton                                          7.30pm                     Nurture Group – Church Meeting Room


Wednesday                      14th September


Elton                                           10.00am                    Holy Communion (BCP) - Rev. Richard Gibbs


Thursday                          15th September


Stilton                                           8.00am                    Thursday Prayer Focus   in Church Meeting Room

Haddon Church                            7.00pm                    Prayer Meeting – Everyone Welcome


Sunday                    18th September


Elton                                            9.30am                     Holy Communion (CW) – Led by Rev. Richard Gibbs

Folksworth                                   9.45am                     Morning Praise

Haddon                                      11.00am                     Family Service – Led by Daniel Cozens

Stilton                                        11.15am                     Holy Communion

Denton                                        4.00pm                     Open Air Service



Saturday 24th September in Stilton

7.30pm Midsummer is now in September! The concert was postponed from June.  Please join us for an evening of words and music for a Midsummer evening in Stilton Church.  Tickets £7 for adults, £2 for children under 16, which includes light refreshments, are available from Pat Maltman (242229), Margaret Parsons (243352) or pay at the door




URGENT: CAN YOU HELP?  We need 2 more deliverers to make sure every household in Stilton receives the monthly Church Link.  If you can help, please contact Pearl Reed on 241114

FOLKSWORTH COMMUNITY ART COMPETITION:   A competition for all ages.  To enter, using the bible for inspiration, you will need to paint a picture on a canvas with acrylic paints. All entries to be hung in Folksworth school hall. To purchase a canvass (£3) or canvass and acrylic paints (£5) please speak to Hege Green or Emma Hollywood, alternatively please visit Family Folkus and St Helen’s Facebook page.  Amazon vouchers will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  


Thanks to all who have helped during the school holidays – the need continues.  The Food Bank is very low on tins of tomatoes, vegetables, fruit, custard and rice pudding; pasta and long-grain rice; milk and sugar. Please contact Pearl [241114] if the church is not open.

Prayer: We pray for those personally known to us who are unwell, including Judy Ford, David Green, June Willcock and Egon Deschner of Folksworth. Adam Shailer of Stilton and Dorothy Osborne and Maureen Martin of Elton.  We pray for the families and friends mourning the death of Brian May of Folksworth.  We also pray for Rev’d Charles May who has a fractured disc in his spine.



                                                                                                 Priest in charge

                                                                                                 Rev'd Richard Gibbs 01733 248701 -

​                                                                                                 Stilton Church Wardens

                                                                                                 Doug Maltman (01733 242229) -

                                                                                                 Stuart Reed (01733 241114) -


                                                                                                 Elton Church Wardens

                                                                                                  Chris Milton (01832 280415) -

                                                                                                  David Tansley (01832 280546)


                                                                                                 Folksworth Church Wardens

                                                                                                  John Blackman (01733 240349)

                                                                                                  David Ellis (07880784859) -


                                                                                                  Haddon Church Warden

                                                                                                  George Martin (01733 242411) -

                                                                                                  Andrew Goodliffe

                                                                                          Morborne Church Warden

                                                                                          Pam Dow (01733 242227) -

Stilton Church Meeting Room Bookings

Marjorie Spoor (01733 243553)

                                                                                                   Church Link 

Denise Crisp - (Please email articles before and no laterthan the IOth of the Month i.e. 10th July for the August Edition)

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Colin Jones -  (or via the contact button on this website)

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