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Bringing St Mary Magdalene Church into the 21st Century

We Need your Help

The recent quinquennial  report highlighted a number of areas which are in urgent need of attention, including the Roof, both internal and external, the Louvered windows in the Tower and the Tower Roof.
Comfort and accessibility
As part of the ‘Towards the 21st Century ‘ initiative we are aiming at improving
  • Heating: The heating system is not adequate, it cannot raise the temperature by more than 10 deg. C above ambient and hence is unsuitable for some elderly parishioners during the winter months and is harmfully to the structure of the Church
  • Seating: For some, the pews are uncomfortable and they do not allow the flexibility desirable for different sorts of services or events at other times. The church has recently adopted a Parish Growth Plan to help us increase our connection with families. As part of this we are trialling Messy Church with a view to making it a regular part of our ministry. We also wish to host other events, such as the Christmas Tree Festival and Café Royale at Cheese Rolling time
  • Sound: The sound system only works in the Nave, and the choir seated in the choir stalls, cannot hear the organ! For funerals, weddings and some services, where there is an overflow into the choir stalls and the CMR; those seated there can neither hear the priest nor the speakers.
We also lack the facilities to project or display words and music in services or at other events without blocking the view and access to the chancel.
This proposal covers how the PCC plans to deal with these issues. So please read on.....
Peter Mitchell
St Mary Magdalene Church Treasurer
The pews have been moved out and replaced with Chairs, both on the front rows and in the back South West corner, this has allowed more flexible use of the space, as was seen at the Christmas Tree Festival. The cost was £2,276. We have had the Infra red heaters serviced and some replaced to give better coverage.
The final cost will be £3,500 
Sound and Video
We see the requirement is to replace our existing PA system with:
  • 3 New speakers.
    • 2 for the Nave and one for the Chancel and CMR.
  • Sound pick up from the Organ and any keyboard
  • Clip on  microphone(s)
  • Multiple inputs for concerts etc.
  • A gantry mounted, drop down screen in the entry to the Chancel
  • A projector
  • A lap top Wi-Fi control system
The estimated cost is about £8,400
Long term Central Heating
The long term wish is to either add or change to water based central heating to maintain a constant minimum 8deg C temperature, both for the building security and personal comfort.
The cost will be in the region of £40,000. This will become a Church Development project
What does this mean to you?
As we stated in the head of this page, we need your help to carry out all these projects. If you would like to contribute, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Improved heating focuses on the congregation.

The flexibility of the chairs allows for  events to be held in the church

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