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Romans 8:28 
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Week Commencing








1st January 2017

The Week Ahead


Sunday                                                1st January


Folksworth                                                   6.00pm            Stilton Group Service


Tuesday                                              3rd January


Stilton                                                          8.00am            Tuesday Prayer Group   in Church Meeting Room


Wednesday                                        4th January


Stilton                                                        12.30pm            Holy Communion and Soup Lunch


Thursday                                            5th January


Haddon Church                                           7.00pm            Prayer Meeting – Everyone Welcome


Sunday                                                8th January


Elton                                                            9.30am            Family Service – Led by Pam Dow ALM

Folksworth                                                   9.45am            Family Folkus

Stilton                                                         11.15am            Holy Communion

Haddon                                                        6.00pm            Evening Prayer




THANK YOU to all who took part or came to see Haddon’s OUTDOOR NATIVITY.


Stilton Church is hosting THE WINTER NIGHT SHELTER each Sunday night until 12th March 2017. 

Please pray for the homeless on the streets of Peterborough;

guests at the Night Shelters, Sue and Arnie, Project Leaders and all involved in setting it up and the volunteers. 


TUESDAY PRAYER GROUP Please note that the morning prayer meeting in Stilton Church Meeting Room will now be held every Tuesday.  This group has been meeting since January 2008 – prompted by the New Year’s Eve Hope service in Peterborough Cathedral. 


We use 'God's Little Book of Love', the Bible, the Stilton Church Prayer Box and the Declaration of Hope to focus us in our prayer.  If you have a prayer request, please put it in the prayer box in the Church porch or let Richard or Stuart know. If you wish to join us to start the day just come at 8.00am; we aim to finish by 8.30am.


THE FOOD BANK:  Thanks for your continued support.  The Food Bank is low on tinned meat,

tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, orange squash and jars of coffee.

Please contact Pearl Reed [241114] if the Church is not open or you need anything collected.

 Prayer: We pray for those personally known to us who are unwell, including Judy Ford of Folksworth, Gladys Wayland, Adam Shailer, Kathleen Fennel, Peter Wison, Sandra and Tom Cochrane, and Jill Leatham of Stilton, Phyllis Marszalek of Haddon and Rosemarie Jerram of Elton.  We pray for Peter Peacock and family mourning the sudden loss of his wife Pam; for family and friends mourning the loss of Egon Deschner; for Jacquie and family mourning the loss of Eileen Day of Stilton and for Liz Rose mourning the loss of her father.



                                                                                                 Priest in charge

                                                                                                 Rev'd Richard Gibbs 01733 248701 -

​                                                                                                 Stilton Church Wardens

                                                                                                 Doug Maltman (01733 242229) -

                                                                                                 Stuart Reed (01733 241114) -


                                                                                                 Elton Church Wardens

                                                                                                  Chris Milton (01832 280415) -

                                                                                                  David Tansley (01832 280546)


                                                                                                 Folksworth Church Wardens

                                                                                                  John Blackman (01733 240349)

                                                                                                  David Ellis (07880784859) -


                                                                                                  Haddon Church Warden

                                                                                                  George Martin (01733 242411) -

                                                                                                   Andrew Goodliffe

                                                                                          Morborne Church Warden

                                                                                          Pam Dow (01733 242227) -

Stilton Church Meeting Room Bookings

Marjorie Spoor (01733 243553)

                                                                                                   Church Link 

Denise Crisp - (Please email articles before and no laterthan the IOth of the Month i.e. 10th July for the August Edition)

Web Site

Colin Jones -  (or via the contact button on this website)

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